Tarot Spread: Hestia’s New Home Spread

Tarot Spreads (2)

A tarot spread for moving into a new house.  Hestia is the Greek goddess of the Hearth, so we invoke her guidance in creating a new home inside a new house.  This can either be a brick and mortar new house that you’re moving to, or you can read these cards as a fresh start to a new phase of your life.

hestia new home spread

  1. Where you are right now.
  2. Energy that is leaving your life
  3. Energy that is coming into your life
  4. Advice to help during the transition.
  5. How can I make my new house feel more like my home?
  6. How can I protect my new home?
  7. How can I build a happy future in my new home?
  8. Divine Guidance.

Download a PDF of this spread.

5 thoughts on “Tarot Spread: Hestia’s New Home Spread

  1. Victoria Barton says:

    Hello, I tried this tarot on myself. I’m currently learning tarot so I’ve probably picked a tricky one to try but the question is relevant. I’m currently seeking for a new home, had a very tough year. I’m confused as to why my second card (the lovers) and 3rd card (10 of swords) appeared. I attempted to clarify the lovers card and out comes the hanged man. I attempted to clarify the 10 of swords and out came the moon card. My first card is the page of cups. What do you think this means? The other cards are as follows, king of cups, the high priestess, Queen of swords, temperance and then the 8th card is 3 of pentacles reversed. Seems pretty intense!


    • Wooly Witchy says:

      There’s definitely a lot going on in your reading.

      Here’s some ideas to consider: Seeing the Lovers as the energy leaving might be talking about you leaving the home that you’re currently in. The Lovers indicates a very powerful bond or partnership. If you’re leaving some people you were close to it might be indicating the physical separation inherent in looking for a new home. This is doubly true if you’re leaving a toxic situation or relationship behind in this transition. The Hanged Man shows up to remind you to try looking at your situation from a different perspective. Are you sad about leaving? Maybe it’s time to look at all the positive things you stand to gain from a new housing situation.

      That 10 of swords can be scary, can’t it? I actually think it’s a really positive sign in that card position. The 10 is really the lowest of the low. You can’t get more down and out than laying face down with a whole mess of swords stuck in your back, after all. BUT, once you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere else to go but up. So look at this as a sign that you’ve found the low and things are going to look up from here.

      Hope that helps! Best of luck on your Tarot learning journey 🙂 It’s an exciting trip.


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