Nosy Witch Questions: Wheel of Fortune and Justice

Nosy Witch Questions updated

Wheel of Fortune: Do you practice palmistry?

Nope.  So here’s another question.

Justice: Do you work with plants and herbs?

I do.  I’d love to find more ways to include green witchcraft into my practice.  I used to always think that I had a black thumb and would kill plants, but over the years I’ve gotten greener.  It sort of helps that we have a house with yard space now so we’re not trying to grow plants in the darkness or on a tiny porch filled with wasps (who built a nest in our heating vent and caused the heat and air to stop working) while living above the asshole downstairs.  Seriously, in our last apartment there was this guy downstairs who used to scream at neighborhood children and once came upstairs late at night and banged on our door after we had gone to bed to shout at us about making too much noise.  Seriously, bitch, we were ASLEEP.  I made the apartment complex install a door chain after that.

But all that’s behind us.  We have a pretty house with a little bit of green space and we’re slowly starting to learn how to increase the plants around our house.  We’ve rejuvenated two beds right in front of our house, built a bed beside our driveway, one around a big tree in our backyard, and we still have some beds that I want to transform.  I need to get a little bit better at long range gardening planning, at the moment we sort of just plonk things down into open spaces and see what happens.

But I LOVE IT!  And we’re learning so much!


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