Card of the Day: The Archer


Today’s card is The Archer from the Wildwood Tarot

img_1382The Archer is the seventh of the Major Arcana in the Wildwood Tarot deck.  This is where the Chariot is in the RWS decks.  The Chariot normally means swift decisive action and I love the symbolism and images in this version of the card.

There are echoes of the Chariot here, the two hounds hold the space of the Sphinxes and you can’t get more swift than an arrow loosed from a bow.  The position of the arrow here gives a new twist to this card.  The Archer holds the arrow, she hasn’t fired it yet.  It takes a lot of strength and discipline to hold an arrow nocked and wait.  That’s a recurve bow as well.  Newer compound bows make it much easier to hold position back there, fletching at your cheek, but the old ‘Robin Hood’ style requires your strength the entire time until you release the arrow.  I think her holding the arrow unreleased here is indicating that swift decisive action is ready to be loosed, but that you should be focused and disciplined about where you target your actions.

There’s a message about the stored potential energy that’s held in the tensioned wood of the bow and the taut string.  It’s poised and ready to be wielded in service to the Archer as she hunts her prey.  She’s had to work hard to build her strength in order to use her bow, and she takes careful aim.  She is literally declaring her intention here.  So there’s a powerful message about focusing your intentions behind your actions and projecting your will outward into the world.

When you see the Archer, know that you are powerful and be ready to loose your arrows into the world.


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