Weekly Readings

Weekly Readings from Wooly Witchy

Liz Worth is offering special Halloween themed tarot readings, but hurry the special deal is only valid until the end of the month.  Also at that link is a tarot spread you can use around transformative change.

From Autostraddle: make your own Tarot pouch that can also be folded out into a cloth.  No sewing machine needed.  I am DEFINITELY going to be making some of these 🙂

Found this via Beth at LRT – This Ain’t Witchcraft, This is Wildcraft.

from Benebell Wen – a review of the Golden Thread Tarot

What I’m drinking: Cherie Ann Fairy Dust tea
What I’m knitting: SO MUCH: Darkside Cowl, Stairstepper Hat, Boardwalk Hat, Waverly Weekend Cowl, Antler Hat, Lotus Hat.  Holiday Gift Knitting might be happening.  Just saying *grin*
What I’m listening to: The Hamilton soundtrack on repeat over and over and over.  Also my Pandora classical music station.
What I’m eating: My Wife’s secret family recipe baked beans.  These things are so good, you guys.  I’ve tried to make baked beans twice and they were disastrous, and I’m sort of a kitchen witch so that was a little crazy.  This is absolutely witchcraft, my beautiful but not super kitchen inclined wife makes them and they’re perfect.  It’s a recipe passed down from her dad’s side of the family.  And he adapted the traditional recipe (which has salt pork or bacon) to a vegetarian version just for her.  This food is SO MUCH magic.

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