Weekly Readings


Adorable Baby Animals because it’s been a rough week.


Tiny gnome.  It’s a Anna Hrachovec pattern from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi – via GIPHY

From Jezebel: A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support.

Beth from LRT answers the question: Can you do Tarot Wrong?

Contemporary Norse Gods – a creative imagining way of the Norse Gods interacting with the present world.

A little Calm for Your Day a video of the history of handspinning.

Check out this adorable knit unicorn pattern!

8 Middle grade books with LGBTQ characters.

Ways to re-purpose tarot cards into craft projects.   I loved seeing this post.  I have a deck that had some seriously misogynist imagery on some of the cards and it really upset me.  I thought about reselling the deck, but I didn’t want to put that energy back out there, so I decided to keep it.  I held a little ritual where I burned the cards that upset me and I’ve kept the rest to create art.  One card now sits on a household shrine, one I decoupaged onto a tarot ritual candle I use when doing readings, one of them I put into a moon shrine.  There are infinite ways you could transform cards.

Some coping skills shared by Autostraddle.

Trump and the radicalization of young white men, scary stuff, but kind of know your opposition thing.

Why you might want to start wearing a safety pin.

10 Ways to use your anger against Donald Trump.

Photos from Anti-Trump demonstrations to inspire you.

A tarot spread about a card that keeps cropping up in your readings.  Warning: this spread uses the term ‘stalking’ to describe a card that keeps appearing and I’m not down with trivializing the use of the term stalking.  Because stalking is serious and it’s not a joke.

What I’m knitting: more hats!  A Norwegian Star Hat and an Ombre Hat.
What I’m eating: rainbow chip cookies – stress eating, blargh.
What I’m watching: Teen Wolf!  Such a great distraction of a show.
What I’m listening to: mostly nature sounds to help me sleep and unwind.

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