Nosy Witch Questions: The Emperor

Nosy Witch Questions (2)

The Emperor: Favorite place to practice your craft?

At home for the most part.  I like peace and quiet and privacy when I practice.  Whether it’s reading tarot cards, setting intentions, or spinning/knitting/creating magical things I love to be in my studio.  I’ve got all the materials I like to use close at hand and an electric kettle for a cup of tea when I need a boost.


My second favorite place it around a campfire.  I love campfires in that primal instinctual way that humans have always gathered around a fire.  I love to build campfires and take pride in laying and lighting a good fire.  There’s a special kind of energy around a crackling fire or a cozy hearth that you can’t find anywhere else.  Part of that is the Girl Scout in me and all those years of learning to light one match fires.  You were the Most Awesome if you could start your campfire using only one match.



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